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Treat Your Guests

Posted by on April 9, 2018
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When we have guests visit us overnight, often we go above and beyond to make them comfortable. We provide them with fresh sheets, their own room, tidy up our homes and washrooms anddo our best to be the perfect hosts. But if you really want to take an extra step to make your guests feel right at home and extra comfortable, there are few little details that may get overlooked.
Read our tips for providing the perfect retreat for guests:
Wash Bedding With Luxurious Detergent

There is nothing more comforting than sliding into freshly washed sheets that smell amazing. For your guest, skip Tide and Gain and splurge on a ‘designer detergent’ to treat your guests to. Be careful with strong scents though, and ask ahead if you guests have any allergies.
Go The Extra Mile When Making The Bed

Sometimes having a thousand throw pillows on your bed isn’t practical, especially if you’re using it every day. But when you are creating a space for guests, the extra frills go a long way. The way you make the bed makes all the difference for your guests when they climb into while being away from home. Things like bed skirts and smooth fitted sheets are important when you want to treat your guest to the perfectly made bed. We also recommend tight hospital corners.
Provide Lush Bath Robes And Soft Slippers

Leave a pair of white soft cotton or terry cloth robes in the guest closet along with a few pair of slippers. These items will make your guest feel more comfortable before bed and in the morning, and provide the with something to cover up with before and after showering. Not to mention, it’s a nice cozy touch.
Arrange An Amenity Basket For The Bedroom

A basket that contains things that are easily forgotten by guests are an appreciated touch. Arrange it to hold, razors, shampoo, conditioner and body wash, soaps, face wash, wash cloths, extra toothbrushes, hair ties, mouth wash etc. We even suggest throwing in a couple bottles of water as well. A small collection books and magazines is great to have available as well!
Leave Extra Blankets Folded Neatly

Regardless of the time of year, provide a few extra blankets or quilts that your guest can grab on their own if they get chilly. It will keep them from feeling awkward for having to ask for extras and have you dig a few extras out. You can roll them and leave them in a basket on display, or tucke them into a closet.
Provide Them With Closet Space Or A Clothing Rack

You guest may be bringing clothing that will need to be hung. Provide them with closet space and hangers so they are able to do so.
Brew A Fresh Pot Of Coffee First Thing In The Morning

There is nothing more welcoming than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Wake up before your guests and start a fresh pot of coffee. Leave out cream, milk and non-dairy options along with different sugar options so they can make their coffee exactly how they would at home.
Make The Wifi Password Accessible

And finally, ensure the wifi password is accessible. They may need to answer emails etc., so ensure they are able to access if without feeling uncomfortable to ask for it. You could print it on some nice card stock and it frames and placed on the nightstand in the guest room so it is easily visible.
No Animals Allowed

If you have a pet, leave the bedroom door closed to the guest room. While your furry friend may be allowed anywhere and everything with little to no effect on your lifestyle at home, it may have an effect on your guests.
Source: Chestnut Park Blog